• Bollito Misto

    I wrote this article in 2012, after I decided to research the origin of bollito misto, a traditional northern Italian dish similar to New England boiled dinner, for Meatpaper. My research project eventually led me… Read More »

  • From Boat to Table

    My first interview piece for Meatpaper, where I met with Kenny Belov, who co-founded the restaurant Fish and co-owns TwoXSea, a retail seafood company, and MacFarland Springs, a sustainable trout farm in California’s Lassen County, to discuss seafood sustainability.… Read More »

  • Love & Antarctic Light

    This piece appeared in Jubilat issue 9, in 2004. It’s a collection of letters written by me and Grant Ballard from our field station at Cape Crozier, Ross Island, Antarctica.