The Scrap Pot: Broth and Stock

Stock — made from bones, vegetable scraps, fish heads, seaweed, herbs, and/or spices — is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. It imparts rich flavors to soups, stews, braises, savory custards, and rice dishes, all with a nutrient boost to boot. Making stock also minimizes food waste by making the most of every scrap of animal or vegetable to pass through your kitchen.

In this class you will learn which types of bones, peels, roots, seeds and stems are best for make bone broth, vegetable stock, dashi, and other nutritious elixirs. We will talk about techniques for saving scraps and learn to make all kinds of stocks without a recipe. We will discuss the nutritional qualities of bone broth and go over the differences between bone broth, stock, and regular broth.

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Home chefs and zero-waste aficionados


Demonstration on how to prepare bone and vegetable broths at home.


Hand-outs and hands-on demonstration.