The Art of Feeding Kids Private Coaching Session

Hire me for a private coaching session on the Art of Feeding Kids.

Are you feeling frustrated by family meals, basic cooking chores, and the thanklessness of your kids’ limited palate? It doesn’t have to be that way! Family mealtimes are not meant to be a struggle. And picky kids of all ages can and do learn how to expand their palates.

This class will cover basic tips for how to address picky eating and how to eastblish structure and good habits around food, will give you tools for engaging with your kids around food in a fun and constructive way, and will cover basic nutritional concepts like nutrient-density and the importance of healthy fats.

The goal of this class is to help parents reduce their anxiety around eating, empower them to shape their own family food culture, and restore fun and connection around the dinner table.

What clients have to say:

“The ‘Art of Feeding Kids’ with Viola got me thinking in new ways… not only the importance of ‘what’ we eat, but even more so about ‘how’ we eat, this is nourishment and sustenance too that helps transform not only ‘picky eaters’ but serves the whole family. I’ve found it helpful as a parent to have someone to talk with and learn from on this subject, I love Viola’s passion, pragmatism and knowledge!” Jaymie M.

“Viola is the real deal! She is knowledgable, patient and non-judgemental. She quickly helped us get to the root of our son’s picky eating and gave us real world solutions to fix it! Thank you Viola!” Evonne T.

“One of our children is a picky eater, and Viola encouraged us to approach things differently. Our issues were deeper than our child’s palette because my husband and I were approaching eating differently. Viola opened our eyes to new ideas and helped us merge our thinking about how to feed our kids.  With her support we have achieved a more meaningful & less frustrating family dynamic at mealtime.  We are all happier eaters thanks to Viola’s passion to make us so!” Meghan O.

“The Art of Feeding Kids class was a wonderful occasion to help us assess our family’s current relationships with food. Viola provided tips on transforming meal times into opportunities to experiment and share and she capped the class off with menus and recipes (and strategies!) for busy, working parents. I left the class with a new appreciation of teaching our children to enjoy the communal sharing of food.” Josh C.

“Viola brings not only a deep understanding of the REAL nutritional needs of our children and ourselves, but also an understanding of the meaning of food and nourishment, mealtimes and family community. She is passionate about each of these areas and her work brings them together in a way that empowers both the parent and the child. Before working with her I had felt disempowered and stressed out by all the opinions and tactics offered by other experts. She tackles the dynamics under whatever food challenges you are facing and offers insightful, compassionate approaches to making food fun again.” Emily S.

“Viola has been teaching her class The Art of Feeding Kids for the past two years at my San Francisco preschool. The additional coaching she offers for families of picky eaters has saved me from endless conversations with parents who are locked in food battles with their kids. Parents rave about her words of wisdom and find new ways to enjoy family meals.” Julie Fellom, Neighborhood Playgarden

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Class Details


Parents and caregivers who want to eliminate struggles at mealtime. It is strongly encouraged to include all caregivers in this session.


This coaching session will be tailored to your and your child's individual needs and cover ways to establish structure and good habits.


Questionnaires, private consultation, hand-outs, and one post-meeting assignment.