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Welcome to my blog! This is the virtual home of my culinary pursuits. Here you will see some of what goes on in my kitchen, everything from fermentation experiments to recipes, cultural culinary explorations, and techniques. I will also be posting about any upcoming cooking classes that I will be teaching.

My cooking is rooted in the traditional cuisines of northern Italy. I am inspired by the simplicity and heartiness of Italy’s cucina povera, but I also detest culinary and nutritional dogma and love to experiment and reinvent. I am an obligate omnivore and I (mostly) cook with the seasons and (always) for flavor. Everything that I make is gluten-free, but that is more out of necessity than by choice. I have come to view that as a strength rather than a handicap: removing gluten from my diet not only helped me resolve my autoimmune condition, it also gave me a great excuse to explore ingredients and cuisines that I would have otherwise neglected, and to break free from the notion that foods made with wheat flour should form the basis of every single one of our multiple daily meals.

I will also write some weekly recaps about the art of feeding kids, and recent nutrition and human microbiome research. You can subscribe by email to receive updates directly in your inbox.

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